What guides us

Labomar acts as guide and inspiration in developing products that can improve everyone’s wellbeing. And it is where highly innovative formulations see the light in Labomar’s laboratories that its real strength lies: in the people.


For Labomar wellbeing is a wide-ranging concept: a good life philosophy that is built up day by day with safe and effective products and a positive and stimulating working environment, in which passion and the will to cooperate and share thrive.


An entire division is dedicated to research, LABOMAR RESEARCH, to create new products, ready to put on the market, based on new raw materials, formulations and release systems. The customer is accompanied in each step of collecting scientific documentation.

Ethics and responsibility

Labomar is a benchmark in the national and international nutraceuticals market for its capacity to provide complete and professional services. Every aspect of the activity is carried out with preciseness and rigour, yet also with great flexibility shown towards customer requirements.

Efficiency and sustainability

By simplifying work procedures Labomar wastes less time, resources and materials, while pursuing the long-term goal of being an efficient and sustainability-conscious company.

Lifestyle and sport

The LABOFIT programme offers sports structures, training programmes and nutritional plans to employees and to whoever wishes to embrace a healthy lifestyle with a combination of physical activity and diet.